Parker Chomerics – CHO-MASK II

Conductive Foil Tape with Peel-Off Mask for Cabinet Painting Operations The CHO-MASK® II family of EMI foil tapes includes both Standard Temp (ST) and High Temp (HT) versions designed to provide a conductive, non-corroding surface on painted metal electronic enclosures. These tapes feature a recessed polyester paint masking film over a layer of 1 oz. … Read more

Which Bonding Tape Sticks Best? A Comparison of Acrylic, Polyurethane, and Polyethylene Bonding Tapes

When searching for the right adhesive for your application, it is crucial to ensure optimal performance and durability. Today we’ll be comparing the different characteristics of three popular types of bonding tapes; Acrylic (Norbond A7300), Polyurethane (Norbond V2845), and Polyethylene (Norbond T333). Through a series of internal 90-degree peel adhesion tests, we are able to … Read more

Norbond F500 Series Tapes: Elevating Your Automotive Bonding Solutions

At Matrix, we are proud to be Canada’s leading authorized distributor of Saint-Gobain Norbond F500 Series Tapes. We believe in providing the best quality transportation tape materials for our customers, and this product is one of many that help us do so. Let’s explore some of the key reasons why the Norbond F500 Series Tapes … Read more