Parker Chomerics – Canada

The Parker Chomerics Division, a key component of the Parker Hannifin Corporation Engineered Materials Group, stands as a global leader in the development and application of electrically conductive and thermal interface materials. Known for its cutting-edge innovations, Parker Chomerics caters to engineers and designers across a multitude of industries, including aviation, telecommunications, medical devices, defense, … Read more

Dunbar and Matrix Technology Partner to Empower Engineers and Manufacturers with High-Quality, Mil-Spec, QPL Approved, and Specialty Tubing Solutions

Dunbar, a leading supplier of quality heat shrink products, and Matrix Technology LTD., a prominent provider of engineered materials and interconnect solutions, announced a strategic partnership to provide engineers and engineering and manufacturing companies with a comprehensive solution for compliant, high-performance tubing needs. This collaboration leverages Dunbar’s expertise in Mil-Spec heat shrink tubing with Matrix’s … Read more

Electronic Assembly and Fabrication

CHR tapes are high-quality masking products designed for precision and adaptability. Their specially formulated adhesives allow for fine lines and conform to trace layouts. Whether used for gold finger plating, splash and fume protection, wave soldering, hot air leveling, or conformal coating, Saint-Gobain’s adhesives, paired with the appropriate substrate films, deliver reliable performance every time. … Read more

Matrix Technology Ltd Acquires XACT Engineered Manufacturing Solutions, Expanding Presence in North American Markets.

Markham, Ontario – May 1, 2024 (click here for official press release) In a strategic move aimed at solidifying its position in North American markets, Matrix Technology Ltd, a prominent engineered materials and specialty wire harness manufacturer, has announced its acquisition of XACT Engineered Manufacturing Solutions. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, with an additional location in … Read more

Shielded O-Rings – Applications and Key Considerations

Shielded O-rings, like standard O-rings, serve as versatile sealing components with specific advantages tailored to various engineering challenges: Enhanced Containment: Shielded O-rings excel in preventing fluid and gas leakage, ensuring the integrity of mechanical systems by providing superior sealing expertise, particularly in applications where containment is critical. Pressure and Vacuum Management: Engineered with shielding capabilities, … Read more

Molded Breakout Assembly Ruggedized vs Non Ruggedized Applications

Molded breakout assembly solutions refer to a specialized type of cable assembly where individual wires within a larger cable are separated and terminated into separate connectors or terminals. These assemblies are typically encapsulated or molded to provide protection, strain relief, and organization for the individual wires. Ruggedized molded breakout assembly solutions offer robust protection and … Read more