Saint Gobain V2800 is a recommended Alternative to 3M™

Double Coated Urethane Foam Tape 4052: Saint-Gobain Norbond® V2800 as a Recommended Alternative to 3M™ 4052: Similarities: Both tapes are black, closed-cell, and utilize polyurethane foam. They are double-coated with a high-performance, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides. Both tapes are designed for versatile bonding applications. Advantages of Saint-Gobain Norbond® V2800: Enhanced Environmental Durability: V2800 … Read more

Matrix Technology Expands Precision Slitting Capabilities

Matrix Technology Expands Precision Slitting Capabilities, Unleashing a Spectrum of Customization Options for Manufacturing Partners. Your Design. Our Expertise. At Matrix Inc., we take pride in our commitment to quality and precision, delivering top-notch precision slitting services for over 45 years. Our advanced slitting capabilities have been further enhanced to provide our customers with unparalleled … Read more

Engineers Summary of Saint-Gobain Norbond V2800: Black Polyurethane Foam Tape for Durable Bonding Applications

The V2800 series is a black, closed-cell polyurethane foam tape designed for bonding applications. It features a high-performance, pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive on both sides, allowing for stress dissipation across the entire bond. The tape is suitable for severe exterior conditions, offering durability against UV light, extreme temperatures, fungi, oxidation, and ozone. Key Features: Stress distribution … Read more

The Role and Requirements of a High-Performance Tape in Transportation.

These specialized tapes play a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless integration of various components, providing structural integrity, and withstanding the demanding conditions that commercial and utility vehicles encounter throughout their operational life. Let's delve into the crucial requirements and features that make transportation tapes an indispensable part of the automotive manufacturing process. Requirements: Ease … Read more

Matrix helps Manufacturer’s Unleash the Power of AST FOAM: Saint-Gobain® Norseal® AST

In the fast-paced world of trailer manufacturing, every detail matters. For Canadian trailer manufacturers, achieving superior performance and longevity in challenging applications is non-negotiable. Enter AST FOAM, the game-changing Conformable Acrylic Sealing Tape with Ionomeric Film from Saint-Gobain®, exclusively distributed in Canada by Matrix. Unlocking Potential: AST FOAM Overview Saint-Gobain® Norseal® AST is not your … Read more