Conductive Greases

Product Description Matrix conductive greases come in various types optimized for thermal and electrical conductivity. These greases enhance efficiency and reliability by facilitating superior heat dissipation and electrical connections in electronic devices, thereby extending their operational lifespan. Common applications include power electronics, LED lighting, semiconductor devices, and various electronic assemblies, where Matrix conductive greases help … Read more

Molded Break-Outs Or Splitters

Product Description Our molded breakout cable assemblies are a versatile solution catering to diverse interconnect applications. Designed to save engineering and design time, it comes in various types, each tailored to specific needs. Whether for signal routing, power distribution, or data transfer, our breakout cables ensure efficiency and reliability. Their molded design provides robust protection, … Read more

Hybrid Cable Solutions

Product Description Matrix cutting-edge hybrid cable solutions integrate power, data, and fiber optics into a single, compact package, offering engineers a versatile and space-efficient connectivity solution. These cables deliver high bandwidth, power transmission capabilities, and robust data transmission, making them ideal for demanding applications such as industrial automation, instrumentation, aerospace, and defense. With Matrix hybrid … Read more

Sign and Facility Marking

Product Description Matrix sign and facility marking solutions provide engineers with comprehensive tools to enhance workplace safety and organization. These solutions encompass safety signs, pipe markers, floor marking tapes, and labels, all designed for durability and compliance with industry standards. With clear, legible markings and customizable options, Matrix facilitates efficient communication of crucial information, making … Read more

Molded Breakout or Splitter Solutions

Product Description Matrix molded breakouts and splitters offer engineers versatile cable management solutions. Designed with precision, these components provide strain relief, organization, and protection at cable junctions, safeguarding against damage and optimizing cable performance. Commonly used in defense, power distribution, and industrial automation, they enhance cable integrity and simplify maintenance. Their robust construction and customization … Read more

Flat Labels

Product Description Matrix flat label solutions provide engineers with versatile and durable labeling options for critical identification needs. These labels, crafted from high-quality materials like polyester and vinyl, offer resistance to environmental challenges, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. Engineers benefit from clear and long-lasting labels suitable for various applications, including aerospace, electronic manufacturing, electrical panels, and … Read more


Product Description Heat shrinkable markers are versatile identification solutions used by engineers across diverse industries. These markers, often made of flame-retardant polyolefin, offer exceptional durability and clarity. They ensure crucial cable and wire labeling, aiding maintenance and troubleshooting. With resistance to environmental factors, heat shrink markers are ideal for aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and electrical applications. … Read more

Heat Shrink Tubing

Product Description Matrix heat shrink tubing is a versatile solution designed for engineers seeking electrical insulation, mechanical protection, and sealing capabilities. Available in various materials and sizes, it offers exceptional resistance to heat, chemicals, and environmental factors, ensuring durability. Commonly used in industries such as electronics, defense, and aerospace, Matrix heat shrink tubing provides reliable … Read more

Pre-Printed Labels

Product Description Matrix’s pre-printed label solutions provide engineers with a versatile range of labels tailored to meet diverse industrial and commercial requirements. These solutions encompass pre-printed barcode labels, asset tags, identification labels, and warning labels, ensuring precise and standardized labeling in applications such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and aerospace. Offering durability, adherence to regulatory standards, … Read more


Product Description Matrix provides a comprehensive suite of label printer solutions, renowned for their versatility and precision. Our thermal transfer printers, known for high-resolution printing, are ideal for manufacturing, electronics, and healthcare applications. Inkjet printers offer vibrant color options, suited for safety signage and product labeling. Our label applicators streamline label application processes, enhancing efficiency … Read more